The Mental Muscle Method

The Mental MuscleTM 12-Week program takes mental fitness further than it has gone before.  It brings elite training research, methods and psychoeducation together in one place.

Psychofuturologist, Kerry Howard, uses scientific principles to prepare each individual to reach significantly higher levels of mental fitness – and provides them with the tools and support to stay there into the future.

People enter into a 12-week program for many and varied reasons.  Some people recognise that they have behaviour that they want to change, or they notice thoughts and feelings that they would rather not have.  Other’s may have had therapy recommended to them by family or friends, or their GP, but they didn’t believe that it was ‘that bad’.

Kerry believes that we can help people to become more psychologically aware and provide them with insights and information that will assist them to be resilient into the future – no matter what life throws at them. 

In this way, we are able to provide people with access to supportive and effective education about how humans respond to life’s challenges.  In fact, Kerry firmly believes that this process helps us to improve our sense of ourselves as human beings.

All training is delivered using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and supported by specialist experts in all fields of wellbeing and mental fitness.

Mental MuscleTM Method brings together components of resilience building not usually seen outside of elite sporting institutions.  All activity is scientifically underpinned, measurable and results-driven. Undertaking this program is more than just ‘ticking the box’ of Mental Health First Aid.

What’s the science behind it?

Developed for elite athletes, the concept of Psychological Preparedness is one which kick-starts psychological conditioning to improve resilience, focus, mental strength, endurance and flexibility.  Psychological Preparedness is vital as it helps achieve significant gains in mental fitness without overwhelm or burnout.

What are Psychological Preparedness Workshops?

These workshops incorporate many different types of psychoeducation and training including the pillars of mental health and wellbeing, emotional strength training, mental endurance training, flexibility and resilience training.  The benefits are holistic and the variety of topics keep interest levels up.

How much will I train?

The Mental MuscleTM Method requires participants to engage with two hours of content over each week of the 12-week program.  Training sessions provide a specific focus in blocks.  

For in-person or corporate programs, these block can either be provided as one two-hour block or two one-hour blocks. 

For online programs, the two hours worth of content will be broken into 30 minute blocks that need to be consumed within the week. 

These workshops are supported by participation in accountability coaching groups between sessions.

This 12-week program provides participants with a clear framework that they can follow, a system to build awareness and support their wellbeing moving forward.  It will outline some of the common challenges that we have as human beings and how we can resolve them.  By providing participants with insight and information, in addition to providing tools to support them to resolve the impact of their experiences, they can take control of their future wellbeing.

What you get:

24 hours of training with mental fitness expert Kerry Howard

Resources, coaching and support tools

Lifetime access to our network of Mental MuscleTM graduates

Discounts to our MuscleUpMethodTM post-graduate programs

Grand Total



$  750



One off fee of only

$1,497 (inc GST)

Or pay it weekly $147

Places are strictly limited.

Training Break Down

Week One


Understanding why Connection is essential to human survival will be the focus during your first block.  Gain insight into what trauma really is and why it is at the basis of all of our problems as human beings.  Learn the importance of understand shame and fear and how they become activated within you and how to identify them consistently.  Gain clarity about how you can approach things differently moving forward in preparation for the next block - Attachment.

Week Two and Three


Clearly seeing the link between our childhood experiences and how they influence our adult behaviour is the focus of this block.  Gain insight into how science is proving the mind-body connection and how our childhood has caused a disconnect between them.  This situation has led to the mental health crisis that we see today.  There is a way to resolve it, but we need to understand how it began to see the trends in our own behaviour in preparation for the next block – Validity.

Week Three, Four and Five


The real meat of this program is outlined over these three weeks.  You will understand how our emotional experiences change how our cells function.  Scientifically proven insights into the physiological impacts of our emotional experiences.  How we develop negative beliefs and how they impact conflict in adulthood.  In this block we outline the ‘Self-Management System’ a clear framework for understand our behaviour in any situation and an effective way to change behaviour at will.  By the end of this block you will clearly understand the causes of mental health issues and be ready for the next block – Recovery.

Week Six, Seven and Eight


The true gold of this program is covered in these three weeks.  You will learn about the effectiveness of different psychological interventions to resolve the issues that we all experience.  You will learn about judgement and how we use it to validate our own experiences and invalidate others.  We will unpack the difference between true resilience and repression and why it is essential to recognise that they are different.  Gain clarity into how your environment impacts your mental clarity in preparation for the next block – Self-Awareness.

Week Nine and Ten


Once you understand how you reached this point in life and you are clear about you opportunity to truly recover from your negative life experiences, rather than just repressing them, we focus on reconnecting to self.  We can’t make changes to our functioning if we can’t feel what is happening in our bodies.  Recovery requires balance and our human experience teaches us to disconnect.  In this block you will learn to reconnect to your bodies in preparation for the next block – Empowerment.

Week Eleven


The real joy of this program is in learning that there is a vast array of ways that you can learn to manage your own health – both mentally and physically.  There is a significant alignment in the choice of physical activities to support your mental functioning and everyone is different.  In this block you will learn how the ability to manage our lives and our recovery is wired to our sense of purpose.  You will develop a plan for your life moving forward that clearly aligns with your own needs and goals in preparation for the next block – Mastery.

Week Twelve


In our final week we will focus on how you bring all of this knowledge together to know why you need to intervene early when trouble strikes.  How to utilise your ‘Self-Management System’ effectively to understand yourself and your emotional responses, but also those of your colleagues, family and friends.  In this way you will develop a plan for moving forward and building on your new found self-awareness to be able to manage your mental health into the future.


The Mental MuscleTM program brings a focus on adaption – that is, basing training in blocks which allows the brain to adapt to new information and improve performance in a relatively short period.

Our trainers are constantly monitoring participants through verbal and written feedback, to ensure the process of adaptation continues.  This feedback loop, combined with scheduled reflection and recovery time allows the adaptation to new information to be synthesised before moving onto the next area of learning.  It allows for maximum resilience development.

The End Result

At the conclusion of the Mental MuscleTM Method, participants will experience a transformation.  Their general psychological fitness will be vastly improved.

Traditional strength training is considered the foundation for all human physical performance. Mental strength training is designed to enhance the brain’s ability to enhance insight and sets the perfect psychological foundation to achieve all mental fitness goals.

More effective thought patterns lead to improved feelings and enhanced behaviour.  Clear thinking brains lend themselves to ongoing psychological awareness and improved physical health and will engage better.

Mental MuscleTM Method workshops increase mental awareness and strength by including many different awareness raising exercises and tools designed to train the brain about how human beings develop.  They provide the reality check that we all experience challenges and difficulties and we need to understand them to overcome.  This enhances our ability to mitigate any day-to-day conflict – ranging from basic to complex – with enhanced awareness, confidence and efficiency.

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