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A corporate mental health consultant, trauma prevention strategist, best-selling author, executive coach and realist dedicated to walking the walk with you.

No BS...  No 'Ra-Ra'... 

Just straight talk from a woman who works with businesses to improve culture and create

Happiness At Work!

Who exactly is 
Kerry Howard?

Today I’m known for being a best-selling author, Psychofuturologist, Luminary and in demand Workplace Mental Health Consultant. Where I am today is the end result of a lot of hard work, taking more than my fair share of risks, falling over but always getting back up, dusting myself off, learning my lesson and keeping on moving forward.

Over many years, I’ve learned that there are three important keys to a successful life - love, respect and care for yourself. Master these and everything changes. See how it changed me...


To provide individuals, and the organisations that they work for, the capability to understand psychosocial injury and provide education to develop skills in how to prevent it.


To create a world that minimises harm through active mental health prevention activities.

Professional Bio


I have had the great pleasure of working with over 1000 individuals and hundreds of organisations, through my work as a former psychologist, mediator, trainer and executive coach. I work with people who not only wish to resolve their current mental, physical or emotional states but also excel and achieve a state of wholeness and mental wellbeing. 

Working with such a wide range of organisations and individuals has allowed me to better myself and build my business. I look forward to working with many more dynamic organisations in the years ahead.


Kerry Howard Clients


Because we've all got to stand for something, right?

My interest in trauma treatment was fuelled by my own life experience. I was hit by a bus as a pedestrian in 1998 and suffered PTSD. 

Following the incident, I spent a year in therapy. I credit my bus accident to saving my life, as it created a paradigm shift, affording me the opportunity to resolve my issues and be able to move forward in a more positive way in life.

This is the reason I pursued a career in Psychology and have made it my life's work to assist others to recover from traumatic experiences and become better, more tolerant humans because of them.


Best Selling BOOKS

My books are simple, easy to read and offer practical self-help advice for individuals seeking to better their lives. With best-selling titles like "How to Heal a Workplace", "The Trouble With Trauma", "Why Men Are Like Shoes" and "Define Your Inner Diva", my books are must-reads for anyone around the world who is looking to find purpose, meaning and understanding.

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