Over the years, I have been present in all kinds of media promoting advancements in the field of Psychology and Mental Health.  This covers everything from being interviewed about my various business entities on television, to radio interviews, to all kinds of print media and now in the online space.

I am regularly asked to provide expert opinions on mental health and am able to speak with authority on workplace mental health, trauma, overcoming adversity, personal development and online therapy, whether through interviews or as a contributor to stories, articles or conferences.

Catch my latest appearances...


Kerry discussing Prince Harry's openness to confronting trauma.


Watch Kerry on WIN News as she discusses the prevention of violence in ACT schools. 


Kerry discusses the need for better mental fitness training for frontline workers.


Kerry Howard

What's Making HEADLINES

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Kerry Howard

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Kerry Howard


Best Selling BOOKS

My books are simple, easy to read and offer practical self-help advice for individuals seeking to better their lives. With best-selling titles like "How to Heal a Workplace", "The Trouble With Trauma", "Why Men Are Like Shoes" and "Define Your Inner Diva", my books are must-reads for anyone around the world who is looking to find purpose, meaning and understanding.

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