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Workplace mental health is a complex and often sensitive topic. That's why, we offer a library of all our past live streams. Whether you're looking for information on trauma prevention or tips on how to be a better leader, our video archive is a great resource. We also offer a wide range of other mental health resources, including the Organisations Psychological Prevention Scorecard and a monthly e-newsletter.

How to Address Psychosocial Challenges in the Workplace

How to maintain motivation when things aren't going your way

How to Address Psychosocial Challenges in the Workplace Webinar

Dealing with psychosocial challenges in any workplace is not easy. Find out how to address the challenges that you may be struggling with most.

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How To Review Your Change Performance Webinar

You decided that the organisation needed change, you got buy-in from your people to enable the change and we think that we have done what was needed to make the change... But did you resolve the problem?

The Leadership Lottery Webinar 

The long term impact of most workplace injuries are dependent on the way the supervisor approaches the injured worker. This seems too simplistic, yet there is a significant body of research showing that the issues are directly impacted by the mental health literacy of the manager.

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Assess Your Organisation's Psychological Injury Risk

Decrease the number of workers' compensation claims and reduce rates of unplanned leave in your organisation

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