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Here's What You're Getting When You Choose Consultation with Kerry...

Consultation with the Pioneer of Online EMDR Therapy

Kerry developed REMDR in 2017 and launched it at the EMDRIA Conference in Seattle, Washington in August that year. Kerry enjoys emerging technologies and she could see that there would come a time that the ability to deliver EMDR remotely would be beneficial – we could never have anticipated COVID-19 would make this essential!

Free Access to REMDR for an extended 30 Day Trial

Gain access to the first EMDR digital light bar and enable your clients to receive consistent therapy regardless if that client is in your office, across town or around the world. For Kerry’s consultees, we offer an extended trial to enable you to gain improved outcomes while accessing Kerry’s expertise.

Free Access to Kerry's Webinar Training

Kerry developed the first EMDRIA endorsed webinar for delivering EMDR Therapy in an online environment. Kerry has also recorded multiple other webinars and delivered workshops at varying conferences around the world and you will be given access to this extensive library of training resources absolutely free.

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Discover the clear pathway to helping clients understand how trauma affects their mind and body and how to overcome the impact

Kerry's new book 'The Trouble With Trauma' helps both therapists and their clients to understand why trauma affects all human beings and how it leaves such a big impact in their lives. This book creates clarity around what trauma really is, how to resolve it and learn to manage our mental health into the future.

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Discover How You Can Work With Your Clients to Understand
'The Trouble With Trauma'
in Their Lives and Help Them to Resolve It

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