The Trouble With Trauma


In reality, trauma impacts all of us and many people just don’t realise that traumatic experience is the basis of a lot of their unhappiness.

The value of understanding ourselves is not always clear in relation to how we interact with others, how we treat ourselves or how we find our best balance in order to feel that life is fun, enriching and fulfilling. You’ve heard of Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ – all practical needs for survival. Our primary emotional need is for connection. Our connections as children denote our connective capacity as adults.

Author, psychologist and trauma specialist Kerry Howard believes that our challenges as human beings all centre around a central theme: our childhood issues. These issues are at the basis of all of our health challenges in our lives.

In The Trouble with Trauma, Kerry brings together the differing elements of trauma in one place incorporating biology, neurology, psychology, physiology and epigenetics to consider the reason that trauma causes physical and psychological changes in our bodies and what we can do to resolve them.

Kerry peppers the book with her experiences in applying this information to her own life and with her clients. This book comes from a place of practical experience and credibility across all forms of personal transformation. Kerry provides down-to-earth advice on every aspect of the life-review process and provides a practical framework for understanding how trauma impacts our lives and what we can do to resolve it.

The Trouble With Trauma is the answer for those people who have always wanted to be truly happy, focused on their health and satisfied in their bodies, who seek to gain a supportive network of friends and family and healthy relationships.

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