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This is a two hour workshop designed to provide insight into therapy to support you to work out if this is what you need.

People enter therapy for many and varied reasons.  Some people come to therapy because they recognise that they have behaviour that they want to change, or they notice thoughts and feelings that they would rather not have.  Other’s may have had therapy recommended to them by family or friends, or their GP.

Regardless of the reasons that you thought to engage in therapy, there is quite a long waiting time to see a Psychologist in Canberra – in most cases the wait time is around six months.  We think that this is too long, so we were trying to work out different ways that we might be able to provide help.

Our Principal psychologist, Kerry Howard, thought that we may be able to provide much of the initial work that is done in individual therapy as workshops.  In this way, we are able to provide people with access to supportive and effective education about how humans respond to life’s challenges.  In fact, Kerry firmly believes that we all need therapy.  It helps us to improve our sense of ourselves as human beings.

Kerry’s new book ‘The Trouble With Trauma’ outlines how trauma is a word that has been used in psychological circles to mean something that it’s not.  The word ‘trauma’ is from the Ancient Greek – the literal translation is ‘wound’.  We ALL experience Trauma, it is an emotional wound and it forms the basis of all of our problems as human beings.

Through this workshop, we help you to understand how your experiences resulted in emotional wounds and provide you with an overview of how therapy can assist you to resolve these issues.

We will outline a framework that you can follow, a system for considering your best options to support your wellbeing moving forward, providing you with a variety of ways that you may seek to resolve life’s challenges.  Whether we choose one-to-one therapy, or additional group coaching or access to other self-help resources, there are a variety of ways that you can choose to improve your outlook on life.

This workshop will outline some of the common challenges that we have as human beings and how we can resolve them.  By providing you with insight and information, in addition to providing tools to support you to resolve the impact of your experiences, you can take control of your future wellbeing.

One off fee of only $99 (inc GST)

Places are strictly limited.


When: TBA
Time: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
Location: Suite 3, Level 1, 59 Boolimba Crescent NARRABUNDAH ACT 2604


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