The Self Management System (Online Course)


This course will teach you how to unpack your self management system and deal with trauma more effectively.

Through this online course, Kerry Howard helps you to understand how your experiences resulted in emotional wounds and provides you with an overview of how therapy can assist you to resolve these issues.

It’s designed to provide insight into therapy to support you to work out if this is what you need. Kerry will outline a framework that you can follow, a system for considering your best options to support your wellbeing moving forward, providing you with a variety of ways that you may seek to resolve life’s challenges.

Whether we choose one-to-one therapy, or additional group coaching or access to other self-help resources, there are a variety of ways that you can choose to improve your outlook on life.

This course will outline some of the common challenges that we have as human beings and how we can resolve them. By providing you with insight and information, in addition to providing tools to support you to resolve the impact of your experiences, you can take control of your future wellbeing.

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