Why Men Are Like Shoes


The dating scene is fraught with difficulty for all the single ladies.

Why Men Are Like Shoes is an irreverent and fun book, it takes a humorous look at men and compares them to shoes. This book is designed for all of the gorgeous single girls to compare something that they know and love – Shoes, to something they they love, but often don’t understand so well – Men!

Ms Pink Herself helps the gorgeous single girl to understand why she is unable to ‘settle’ for only one pair of shoes – when it is obvious that her wardrobe requires ‘multiple’ pairs.

This book takes a ‘tongue in cheek’ look at why some woman NEED many pairs of shoes, and what a girl needs to consider if she is wanting to find her ‘perfect’ pair.

The perfect gift for your girlfriend, sister, daughter or mother – this book helps to explain why she may not have found her perfect guy yet, but gives her some pointers on what she needs to be looking for in order to allow her to find him, or to confirm why she doesn’t need to settle for only one pair.

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