Interactive Workshop for: Leaders and Managers

You decided that the organisation needed change, you got buy-in from your people to enable the change and you think that you have done what was needed to make the change... But did you resolve the problem?

As a compassionate leader, you engaged your people. You talked to them about the problem and asked them what they thought needed to be done to fix it. Many leaders make a clear plan for change, but don't ever finalise the process by reviewing whether or not the change process achieved the desired outcome. This is the most common reason that your people resist change because they often feel that the change didn't produce the required outcome and no one has captured the lessons learned from the process.

Even if you didn't resolve the problem, at least your people feel that they've been engaged in the process. As a result, even if they recognise that the change process didn't quite achieve the desired outcome, they will support a comprehensive review of the shortcomings of the process because they feel heard and valued by you. When people feel valued and supported they want to be open and honest about the challenges because they feel supported to learn from the obstacles and find new ways to solve the problem. 

Learning Outcomes

During this program, participants will

Identify the effectiveness of the change through consultation
Communicate with staff the known shortcomings of the change process
Review documentation and application consistency around the process
Obtain clarity around the support provided to staff through the change
Help your people to effectively assess and provide constructive feedback

Program Format

Interactive workshop, available face-to-face or online

Length | 2-4 hours
Format | Face-to-face or online
Limit | 20 participants
Facilitator | Kerry Howard

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