The Trouble With Trauma (AudioBook)



Resolve the Impact of Abandonment and Fear of Rejection, and Understand the Importance of Connection in Recovery

Our ultimate need as human beings is for connection because without connections to other living beings, we would die. We are neurologically “hard-wired” for connection. But what is connection?

Connection is an emotional need that affords us a range of physiological outcomes, but it also has physiological impacts. As you listen to this book, you will understand how our need for connection is the absolute core requirement of our ability to develop as human beings, why we struggle without it, and what we need to do to change it. As human beings, our whole lives are about connecting with others. From the time we are born, we are dependent upon being connected. It is the basis of our ability to sustain life. In our primal old brain, our amygdala senses that our ability to be connected is literally about life and death.

The difficulty with having our most basic emotional need being “connection” is that our main problems as human beings then come from any form of disconnection or a perceived threat of disconnection. And this is the trouble with trauma: traumatic experience creates a disconnect.

Author, psychologist and trauma specialist Kerry Howard believes that our challenges as human beings all centre around a central theme: our childhood issues. These issues are at the basis of all of our health challenges in our lives.


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