We are going to talk about the need to understand the order of the things in our life and how energy flows around us. The different energy elements that we have in our life, but also how energy flows between people. There was an interesting study that came out of Harvard University that looked at quantum physics and talks about the vibration of emotion.

In my book “Define Your Inner Diva”, in the last chapter on Spirit called ‘Dharma Diva’, I discuss the difference between ancient Chinese belief systems and the ancient Indian belief systems.  Both of these ancient systems have four areas of life that they focus on – Birth Traits, Physical Movement, Traditional Medicines and the Order of Things.  

Why is that important?

The Harvard University study talked about the impact of emotion and how emotion vibrates at different levels.  Shame vibrates the lowest, being very heavy, followed closely by fear.  Interestingly this Harvard research actually shows that shame is the lowest vibrating emotion that we experience.  Alternatively, if you look at joy and gratitude, they vibrate right up there next to love and almost the point of enlightenment.

Why is it important to understand how emotion impacts?

You would have heard it before, you are a product of the five people you spend the most time with. If you are spending time with people who are vibrating at a very low level, it’s heavy – fear, shame, guilt, then all of that really negative stuff you are feeling around yourself, your life and the way that it looks in the future – would be quite different to what happens if you spend a lot of time with people who are celebrating joy, laughing and having a great time and experiencing that connection with other people that we love to hang out with.  Even through our friends, just communicating that really positive vibe with each other – that is a vibrational connection that is a measurable emotional vibrational connection.

This, to me, was just so profound!

Remember, a few weeks ago, I talked about the movie ‘Resilience’?  It’s like this research from Harvard University gave me the missing piece to the puzzle!  I’m so excited because I get to incorporate that information into my new book, which I’m calling “The Trouble With Trauma.”  This is an essential component to understanding ‘how’ that vibrational element impacts how we do things when we interact with other people.

How do we replenish?  How do we give that energy back to ourselves?  How do we find the things that bring us joy, that lift us into that emotional space so that we are operating up high and not down low.  How do we ensure this happens in conjunction with the people we regularly connect with.

In the book I talk about yoga, spending time in the ashram and the vibrational things that I do when I am there – which produces much the same feeling.

Another option to consider is dancing, tapping into music and recognising that the vibration of different types of music, like house music (I know you wouldn’t all listen house music!).  Have you ever observed how a DJ can actually make the level of the music escalate up and up and up?  This is usually based on the the repetitions in the music, in terms of the beats per minute in the music and they build it into this ‘big thing’ and people feel it in their bodies – that’s really important!

When you replenish your spirit, you are trying to tap into those things that make you feel good about you.  It is those things you can feel.  You can feel it when you are walking into a room of people and it feels really heavy and revolting. You’re just kind of like ‘Oh my goodness!  What happened? Who died?’.  

You want to recognise when it’s really positive and spend time trying to make things more positive…  So, spend time with those people who make you feel more positive.

This week go and hang out with five people who make you laugh and if you can’t find ways to laugh with somebody else, then search YouTube for a favorite comedian, or just do something that lifts your mood.

Whatever you do, don’t be sitting there just watching the news…  That’s not helping!

I hope that helped…


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